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Tips to build a website


Tools to make your website go further!

21/05/2014 08:29:16
In this article you will find a variety of tools to bring forward your site. It is not because we do not have a module for a particular feature that you cannot have it on your site.
Widget / Script modules allow you to add just about anything that can be integrated on your site by using external tools.
This module permits you to plug in external tools via an HTML or JavaScript code to WebSelf’s platform. Just introduce the HTML or JavaScript code (that you received from the third party site) in the blank provided for this function.
What is the common point among Facebook, Name Generator, Skitch  and Pixlr? They are complimentary tools you can apply to improve your website in a blink of an eye!
It is not always easy to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or other software used to edit graphics. Here's a list of sites that could help you to make modifications or additions to your images quickly and easily.
First two sites that are used to create favicons, those little pictures next to the address bar and also put next to the site name when you located it in your favorites:
The first Favicon.cc allows you to create a favicon pixel by pixel while Favicon Generator, creates one by a generated code.
Another excellent application for image editing is Skitch that works both with a computer, tablet or phone. I highly recommend the video display to discover all the possibilities!
Two other image editing tools are Fotor and Pixlr, incredibly user friendly!
If you need buttons for your website, Button Builder  is a terrific tool!
GIF is in! Especially since the “Vine” wave; do not want to open an account anywhere; try Gickr. Upload your photo, launch the application and you get a new GIF for your site!
Are you launching a new product or a new site? Do you want to change your image but you cannot find a suitable name? Name Generator is for you! Get suggested randomly a name or by giving the start or end of the name you are searching for.
Do you operate an inn or you have a business that needs a booking system? Checkfront is a tool that assists you getting bookings online.
And for you, what are the tools that will work for your website?
Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  29 Comments

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