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Tips to build a website


Tips to customize your website

27/08/2012 10:53:45
The WebSelf templates already offer you a large choice of designs. With over 600 templates available and more coming every week, you undoubtedly will find one you’ll love. Of course, everyone likes a personal touch, so here are a few simple way to customized your website and make it yours :

Every field is optional
The logo, Title and Subtitle fields are all optional. Which means that no one is gonna force your hands to put something in those areas if you don’t want to or think it doesn’t meet the visual you’d like to achieve. Uncheck the I want to use a logo box and leave the fields empty for the titles to leave those areas empty. The module titles and designs are also optional.

Use images
You can use Image modules as a module title or even as a page title! All you need to do, is create an images that contain the title, in the font and color of your choice, and add an image module with that image on top your text module. If you use “No design” as a visual for your module, you’ll be the only one who knows they’re not in the same container. If you want a page title made this way, simply add an image module on top of the page. See this site for an example : Alteredmtgcardart.com. Note that all the page title with the little images, on the right of each content page.

A website’s banner is its soul

Don’t neglect your banner. We often hear that a person’s eyes are a mirror to their soul, well… a website’s banner is its eyes. Choose your template to get a banner accordingly to your needs. If you are a painter or an artist, make sure to choose a large banner that will allow you to showcase your art properly. The banner is not in the right proportions? Did you think about zooming in on an interesting texture on the canvas or zoom in to crop a unique part of the composition?

You can also put a couple of picture together in one image. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to do so… and you don’t need Photoshop! You can use one of these free resources : The Gimp, Photoscape or even this online one, Pixlr.

A good picture will also make a big difference. We all have blurry or grayish pictures in our camera. That’s alright, we’re not all good photographers. But, maybe you can pick another picture for your banner? Keep the blurry one for your personal files. You want to showcase your best images, nice contrast, catchy colors and overall perfection in your banner. Instead of wasting your time with a bland, unnoticed image, you can chose to shed one or two dollars and get absolutely breath taking, professional quality pictures. A lot of websites allow you to purchase images for cheap and picking one for your banner, if not your entire site, is always a good choice. Here’s a good site : Fotolia

WebSelf.net’s community has proven over and over that you don’t need to be a web designer to achieve a respectable website. In fact, every day, our clients amaze us with their good taste and creativity! Use tips from this articles and find your own and who knows, you might be the next features in a “Glance at our customers” article!
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