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New features for E-shop

02/07/2013 09:44:20
You might have noticed that we have recently introduced new features for e-shop users. The goal of these features is to improve your customer experience and increase your revenue.

Bill in PDF-format

Your bills are now available in the E-shop management section in the tab Order in PDF-format. You can add a personal touch to these bills by adding text on the upper or lower half of your bill. This is useful for adding a legal disclaimer, your company's registration number or trademark. We have also improved the e-mail sent to buyers for the purchase summary, as well as the e-mail you receive when a new purchase is made on your website.

Customized payment methods

With WebSelf you can now use up to 5 different payment method in you e-shop. Besides the 3 payment options that are already available (PayPal, bank transfer, check), you can now add 2 customized payment methods. For example, you can add an option for
"Payment on reception" or otherwise "Payment in store".
To add this feature you can go to the "Payment option" tab in your e-shop management section. Then activate the customized payment options and add a title and brief description.


If you are looking for options to increase your sales and the average value of shopping carts on your e-shop,  you can use the new "Cross-selling" feature. You can now add up to 5 related products to any product description that might interest your customers. For example, if you sell digital cameras you can suggest memory cards. If you are selling necklaces you can suggest matching bracelets.
Suggesting related products is a good way to encourage additional sales or introduce new products to your visitors.
To add related products, simply go to the "Advanced"-tab of a product, activate the cross-selling option, choose the products that you would like to suggest and select the display order. There is nothing to it.

Product and category display

There are new features available for displaying your products or categories in your e-shop. Exactly, as of now there is no list anymore of 6 products and categories. You can display between 3 to 15 items too better suit your needs and improve the management of your

Hurry up to try these new features!

Feel free to give contact us if you have any comments on these new features. It is always nice to hear from you.

Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  79 Comments

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