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Keys to successful emailing campaigns

02/05/2013 15:55:58
With the recent release of the newsletter subscription module in partnership with MailJet, we thought an update on email campaigns would be a good idea. Indeed, it’s easy to fall in for the rumors about newsletters : some say that they don’t work, that people do not read the messages, that they’re too overwhelmed with spam for companies to have successful campaigns ... This is wrong, of course ! You just need to know how to build your campaigns so that they are successful! 41% of new subscribers open or click email campaigns, it’s up to your to keep them coming for more!

Here are some key points to keep in mind when you build your campaigns:

Pay attention to your subject line!

The title or subject of the email will be the first thing seen by the client or potential client. Pay a lot of attention to them! This is an email after all and often, people are overwhelmed with irrelevant messages so be careful to avoid titles like "40% off! ". This type of title can easily be confused with spam email and offers no indication of what your business is. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action, an invitation or your company name in the title. When people responded to the question "Why do you open a marketing email ", 64% said they have opened the email because it came from a company they like or trust  and 47 % opened the email because of its title, while only 26% have read the content due to a tempting offer. This 47% is far from negligible. Write a relevant, complete and truthful title, do not aim sensationalism. Be careful to keep your title below 30 characters! 22% of people spend less than 10 minutes per week reviewing their marketing emails, make sure yours does not go unnoticed.

Do not communicate too much

Even if your audience likes your business or offers, if you contact them too often, you’re doing it wrong. 69% of people who unsubscribe from an email campaign do so because they receive too much email from the sender. Do not break your commitment from your fans by sending them emails  every day or even every week! Only send a newsletter when you have something to communicate. You can even specify the recurrence of your mails before the customer is inscribed with a text or title in the registration module.

Offer added value to your readers

Before you even start your first campaign, consider your marketing axis. What’s the purpose of your newsletters? Inform, sell, increase your reputation, gather an audience ... all of these reasons? Depending on your marketing axis, think about your content and what it’ll bring to your customers or readers. Tell them what to expect when they sign up! You won’t collect a lot of emails if you don’t offer any benefit to your customers! Promise promotions, exclusive scoops, articles , advices from experts or a specialty of your business! You are a caterer? Take the opportunity to join a short and easy recipe to your newsletter! Not only will readers get a glimpse of your knowledge and tastes, but they now have an emotional link to your company ... and besides, everyone loves treats!

The content of the newsletter

Yes, your visitors have subscribed themselves to your newsletter, but you have to keep their attention and interest. It’s so easy to ignore an email or unsubscribe from a campaign! Make sure you keep your contacts as long as possible! As we have already said, try to avoid overloading the mailboxes of your registered users but also be careful of what you transmit. Avoid content that is too generic, without personality. Your bulletins are not intended for robots! Adopt a tone that is representative of your business, but keep it nice and friendly. Besides the tone, aim for a rich content. You must inspire confidence. To do so, produce quality content, with real stories and advice of qualified experts. Avoid the used car salesperson role at all cost. Put your audience in the foreground and think your content in ways that benefit them, rather than advantage you. Your content should answer their needs first!

35% of people who received a coupon or a discount as part of a email marketing that they opened  used it in the same week. This is a great way to increase your sales! As a subscriber of WebSelf’s e-s hop, simply create a promotional code and share it with your readers through your newsletter. You can make sales that you might not have seen otherwise with those offers!
Feel free to create an effect of urgency in your messages. It’s not enough to pass on the promotion. Emphasize that this promotion is for a limited time and add a link to the category or product in question or to your general store. Nobody likes to miss a bargain! By putting a link to the product or the store, you also put a call-to-action in your email, which makes buying or convert a reader to a buyer much easier. Don’t assume that your offer is so advantageous that your customers will go ahead and make their own way to your site. make the process as easy as you can and you will get buyers!

Email campaigns can be a bit complicated when you start. We must think about your strategy and not be afraid to do some tests. Develop your voice, but remain consistent with your site’s tone and your business. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If a campaign is not successful, take the time to reflect on the possible causes of failure and correct your aim for the next campain! Just like your site and its content, your newsletters is your own, you are the only one responsible for its failure or success! 

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