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How come, when I type a keyword, my website doesn’t appear in Google?

08/08/2012 16:07:16
Oh what a popular question! We all ask ourselves that! Well, there are a lot of possible answers.

First, if you’re still in a WebSelf trial period, your website simply won’t appear on Google. Usually, a website takes from 5 to 10 days minimum to appear on a search engine, but the trial sites are only online for 14 days. Also, websites are indexed by Google with their URL address, the trial websites only have a temporary URL that will change when you register. If you want to be on Google, you will need to subscribe to one of our 3 advantageous plans.

If you’re registered and your domain name is settled (which means it’s not in transfer), there is still more than one reason why you wouldn’t find yourself at first glance. Did you subscribe more than 5 to 10 days ago? If not, you will need to wait. If it’s your case, then there are a lot of chances that your website is indexed after all. It’s simply not indexed with the words you search with. To know quickly if your website is in the result pages, search with your domain as a keyword (ex. : www.MyWebsite.com). If a result shows up, then your website is indexed. Now, you need to focus on your keywords!

Easier said than done, right? This step is crucial and you need to understand it properly. First, what’s a keyword? Keywords are a series of words or an expression used to locate your website online via a search engine. Great! Now, don’t rush this and really think about your choice. What will the common man or woman type to find you? Put yourself in their shoes, they don’t know you yet. If you’re a realtor, for example, choosing your name is not a very good decision. That keyword is only useful for people who know you. If your website’s goal is to gather new customers, then maybe something like realtor + your region could be a good idea, or if you specialise in condos, add it to the chain : realtor condo Toronto can be perfect! Take the time to really think about it, your e-reputation is at hand!

Now, what makes Google see those words and associate them to your website? Repetition, repetition, repetition! Use these words in your site as often as possible, but be careful! Don’t start to speak like a robot either. You’d rather use your keyword expression genuinely in your texts, module’s titles, the titles and URLs of your pages, the alternative texts of your images… well, everywhere there’s written content really! You can also create links between your website’s pages to make browsing within your website more user friendly and if you do, don’t forget to use your keywords for the link’s text.

To make your Search Engine Optimisation faster and more efficient, there’s always the AdWords campaigns. With a cost per click, you can launch an ad campaign that will get your website to gain an audience more quickly for a certain expression or keywords. The paid per click ads require you to specify your budget and keywords, so you can have an ad going for only 2$/day! For more info, visit the AdWords website.

SEO and your positioning on search engines is not an easy subject to grasp. You need to know that Google’s algorithms have the final word on what’s indexed and how. The thing is that only Google themselves know exactly what is included in those algorithms. Within the last years, experts have learn a lot through the company’s announcements and personal experiences and we now have a better idea of how to succeed! At WebSelf, our experts share their knowledge with your through this blog and our technical support. We hope that our advices help you and don’t hesitate to browse our articles for more information!
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