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Create inbound links (backlinks) by registering with directories

18/06/2014 10:11:56
Directories are platforms that list websites. It might be interesting to be listed in theses for two very good reasons:
  • You offer your potential customers another way to find your site.
  • You create direct links to your site that will help you gainning notoriety!
Some directories are recognized as high quality sites by Google, by listing your site with them, you have a chance to improve your reputation on the web.
There are two main registration methods with directories:
A manual registration.
This is simple and generally recommended method. You must give information about your site through a form; such as name, URL, and the theme of the website. Some directories require you an estimate of website traffic. Thereafter, your site will be analyzed and will be added or not to the list in the directory. And you will always be able to track your SEO.
An automatic registration.
This is a method of registration to avoid (paid or free), because it is generally a service offered by a third party which is not a directory itself. You give some information about your site through a form and therefore this information is communicated to a large number of directories that normally add your site to their list.
Many links by making a minimum effort! But beware! You have no control over how your site will be added to these lists; you may find yourself on directories that might be in the "black list" of Google and can harm the reputation of your site, in addition, you have no way tracking your SEO.
So, how to find quality directories? Here is our suggestion:
DMOZ also known as Mozilla Directory is the best known of all (reference about 5 million websites in the world). 
If you offer services, note that there are municipalities, chambers of commerce or then again groups of traders listing professionals on their districts. This can be a really safe way to create an incoming link and especially in terms of geographic location a great way to find you.
Many professionals have professional orders; do not overlook the opportunity to lean along these sites so you can be found easily.
Have a great registration!
Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  905 Comments

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