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Google My Business, a New Tool for Businesses

03/07/2014 11:17:05
When creating a website, the aim is to be visible, but how to get there? Once more, we cannot say it enough, the key is your Web referencing strategy, nevertheless this is not an easy task.
Most internet users research products or services through Google. The California-based company specializes on the internet services it has just came out a new one! Google My Business, not to be confused with Google App for Business. The advantage of this new free tool is that it allows you with few clicks to combine various services already offered: Google+, Google Maps and Google addresses. By creating a page for your business, you can be located during a search. You have a shop and you want to show up in the results when someone searches for your service in your city? Google My Business has been designed with this in mind. 
The whole concept of the Internet focuses on the interaction the customer has with a brand and also the simplicity of sharing data. The importance of having a Facebook page is no longer a matter of marketing, it is more beneficial to have a Google account to increase the probability to appear during searches. This interactivity increases your chances of convincing future prospects. During a search they can see the number of stars you have been granted by your clients and your location.
It is a way to raise awareness for your site while being close to your customers!
Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  628 Comments

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NICE POST BRO KEEP IT UP Quickbooks And Lawpay integration Do Quickbooks And Lawpay integration has simplified payment processing for law firms? Yes, Quickbooks And Lawpay integration has simplified payment processing for law firms to the greatest extent. It’s an integration of the best accounting software and competent payment processor for law firms that want to accept credit cards and eChecks in person, online, or through email. In addition, LawPay is an ideal app for firms that want online payments, QR codes, and integration with other software. lINK:- https://quicklybookonline.com/quickbooks-bank-of-america-integration/
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Slope Ball's map has 5 locations with 11 exciting laps. Your mission is to fight to rescue the mascots of these locations.
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