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25/03/2013 10:28:16
Option to read files on shuffle  in the photo albums, music and slideshow modules

You now have the option to start the playback of your files randomly for some modules. The files can now be read in a random order rather than the order in which the files were added, which is handy for modules containing a large number of items.

Categories filter added for templates

You can now filter our templates in 3 different ways: Categories, style and colors. Combine filters for more accurate results! Remember that a template included in a category can also be used for a site that is not linked to that specific category though. For example, a template sorted in Music may very well be used for a mecanic’s site if you replace the banner image! 

Moving your files is now easier

Move in first position and Move to last position arrows were added to the tables of certain modules containing file management. It is now faster to reorganize your files in the desired order.

Google Calendar

This module allows you to add a Google Calendar to your site. You can create a calendar for events, booking or programming easily!
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In life, everything is always clearer when you have a plan. A guideline to follow, a purpose, a direction. What is often forgotten is that this principle applies to many things in life, even when you create your website! You probably have your plan and this is probably why you created your site in the first place... but did you think of a plan for your visitors?

In this blog, I mentioned Call-to-Action on several occasions. I think it’s relevant to talk a little more about the subject. First, what is a Call-to-Action, eh? Well, it’s an expression that refers to an invitation to do something, to take action. This can be as simple as making a call or buy online. As a webmaster, these two examples may very well be the ones you are targeting. It can also be as simple as inviting your visitors to view your promotional videos. It’s pretty easy to create a Call-to-Action, actually. Ask yourself "What do I want my visitors to do?" If the answer is, for example, "I want my visitors to contact me by phone", then tell them! Just add a "Call me!" module with your phone number. These requests are often so obvious that we fail to add them to the site and yet, they’re an excellent practice. Consider Calls-to-Action as road signs for your site, just like those on the streets. Without these signs on the roads, our travels would be less effective for sure!

In general, we consider that each site has a purpose and the content of it reflecting this goal. Would you like: people to get to know you, to expand your customer base, to make online sales, to provide a service, to share stories, etc.. All of these goals are relevant to a website. Of course, you can combine them, too! Certain pages of your site have a specific purpose, such as inviting your visitors to contact you, while the rest of your site to another, to make online sales, for example. In this case, You w...Read post
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You wanted them? Well here they are! Promotional codes are now available for your online shop! They are available in the Marketing section of the store management in your extranet, under the link Promotional codes.

You can set a very precise type of promotion or keep it generalised, depending on your needs. It’s possible to create a simple 20% off code, but you also have the possibility to set a 25% discount on purchases of $75 orders or more, placed between February 13th and 16th, for example. Note that all the settings are optional. You don’t have to use a function for the promotional codes if you don’t need it.

You can find the online help about this function here and now, you can start a Valentine’s Day promotion! Don’t forget that we also have templates specially created for this holiday!
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Small businesses are often afraid of the cost of developing a website and an online marketing strategy or even worse, still believe that a website is a luxury, a superfluous element, that its unnecessary. However, when we look at our life habits, it’s clear that the web occupies a more and more important part in it. 78% of Internet users search a product online before buying it. 97% of consumers look for local businesses online before going on site. 82% of web searches are followed by a local store visit or a call. But ... and sadly, only 44% of Quebec SMEs create a website.

The remaining 56% are still fears or use excuses: "I know nothing about websites", "I don’t have the time", "It's too expensive", "I already have a Facebook page, I'm alright”. Which one is your excuse? In 2013, none of these are actually valid. Several solutions exist to create a website in a simple, intuitive and affordable fashion and build a reputation or e-marketing campaign around it no longer means going broke. A Facebook page will never replace a website. It may be part of a strategy for e-reputation, but it should not be its center.

First, the construction of your site. Where to start? Even if you are not a computer technician, it’s very possible for you to create your site yourself and maintain it. A simple solution is to use a online website editor, such as WebSelf.net. You can also use the services of a webmaster, but keep in mind that for every small change, you will pull out your check book and it often is for hefty bills!

With an online editor like WebSelf, you choose a plan at a very affordable price and you can start your online business in just a few days. Plans include everything that is technical, such as hosting, domain name, access to the site editor and tech support. The editor itself is simple to use and easy to learn. We will never ask yo...Read post
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It’s with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our official WebSelf merchandise shop. After many requests, we finally launched the project site. You’ll find a large selection of products such as t-shirts for him and her, mouse pads, clocks, notepads, reusable shopping bags and even teddy bears and coffee cups!
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We take your success to heart, which is why this week, we present two new features that will help you increase your reputation!

The first is the addition of a series of buttons to share your site on social media as soon as you publish your site. Now you can announce to the blogosphere that your website is online and updated! By publishing your site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon, you announce to your personal and professional contacts news and additions to your site or its official launch! This action increases your visibility and create links that point to your site. Everyone wins!

Then, if you are subscribed to one of our plans, we inserted a documentation in your site’s extranet to help you with your positioning on search engines. You will now find an module titled Improve your website - 10 steps to gain visibility, located in your site administration once you’re connected. Click on this section to access the document. Follow the 10 steps to help you increase your visibility and better meet Google's algorithm criteria. Each step is detailed and guides you step by step. Step one makes you think about your keyword and the following steps will guide you on their integration and other optimization methods. Follow these advices for tips and tricks, and of course, continue to check our blog for relevant supplemental information!

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Christmas time is coming!

01/11/2012 16:11:19
Since Halloween is over, I invite you to start thinking about the next major holiday period on our international calendar: Christmas! You have an online store? Great! Now is the time to start thinking about this, let’s admitt it, rather commercial time of the year! Whatever your beliefs are, this period can help you increase your sales. It’s also particularly important in terms of marketing!

Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for a friend, a spouse, a family member. People are now starting to look early, too. If your store offers products that are gift worthy, get ready! You can start advertising Google Adwords, Facebook ads or offer a percentage discount on certain items to attract attention! Consider adding promotional images to your home page, try titles like Ongoing Christmas Sale , or enjoy 20% discount on X , where X is one of your product. Selling services? You can still have Christmas promotion! Don’t forget to edit your product, in the advanced tab of the product to apply the discount. An incentive to purchase can also be to offer free shipping for a period of time or a percentage off some items, both are good marketing methods.

Change your template for a holiday template, too! We offer several visual on this subject in order to make the holiday shopping experience complete! Find our festive visual in the album on the right side of this article. Search by color in the template library to find the one you like! Other Christmas templates are coming soon!

Attract people to your site via paid advertising to increase your sales. Depending on your product or target audience, you can choose which ads can be more appropriate : Google AdWords or Facebook ads ... or a mixture of both. Facebook is easier to target, but works best with a younger audience, and more is a bit more focused on technology. These ads can have...Read post
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With a title that translates to Goodbye Lice, it’s hard to get it wrong: yes, it’s a site about treatment against these disgusting little creatures and it’s tastefully done. Congratulations, Adieu les poux! Even with just a quick look, the visitor can notice a visually harmonious, well-researched and refined design, which in no way resembles infestation and itching associated with this subject. It is a little difficult to deal with a subject so evocative without falling into clichés: pictures of giant lice on the home page or the image of a child who is scratching are only a few examples of what we’ve seen over and over again! Adieu les poux has pushed the boundaries further and made the visit more enjoyable for everyone! Indeed, when the head of your child is filled with the little buggers, the last thing you want is to see a picture of the parasite nagging you in close-up!

An excellent use of our modules the site can be found all throughout the site. The comments page is the best example. It invites people to leave comments and vote on several issues that make the browsing experience not only interactive, but also useful for potential buyers!

The site is very intelligently built. It’s a fine example of web usability. Links to the online store are available at all relevant locations, like between customer’s testimonials for example, The visual & color palette is chosen with taste and well respected, even for the promotional items. Each page is well thought out and well-constructed, without unnecessary or irrelevant information. Another example of great webmastering from within the WebSelf community! Congratulations to the team of Adieu les poux!
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LesAffaires.com recently published an article announcing that over a third of the world's population have access to Internet. The article reports that:

"More than a third of the world population is connected to the internet, according to a report by the UN specialized agency for telecommunications (ITU) published on Thursday.

"The development of broadband services throughout the world has resulted in a 11% increase in the number of Internet users in the world during the last year," indicates the International Telecommunication Union.

In early 2012, there were 2.3 billion Internet users worldwide, more than a third of the population of the Earth."

Facing these figures, we realised that the era where we could say "M'eh, a website, what good would that be to me!" is now over. The number of households with access to the Internet increases every year, in every country around the world. Each of these homes is a potential client or an important resource for the small business or individual who has decided to create a website.

In this context, it is necessary to know how to create good content and present your site adequately to reach the right audience. The writing process of your content becomes very important, not only for your SEO, but also to distinguish yourself from your competitors. More Internet access also means more websites ... know how to keep yours up to date and professional. If your content is not adequate, your audience will look elsewhere.

Write for your audience. Keep it in mind. Are you addressing parents, entrepreneurs, artists, colleagues, frien...Read post
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Selling online: No downsides!

15/10/2012 16:34:47
Did you know that there are 27 million SMEs in the united states and less than half of them(44%) have a website? In France, we find the same situation: less than half (48%) of small businesses with fewer than 50 employees are now present on the Internet. Of these 48%, only 14% have an online store. What’s to make out of all of this? The web is a retail space in the making! By creating an online sales website quickly, you’ll be staying one step ahead of your competitors and expand your potential sales ground.

We know the web is becoming more and more important in our lives, whether it’s the social web, like Facebook or the reference-based web, such as the Yellow Pages (let's face it, who still uses the phone book!). More and more, it also fits into our lives as consumers. Indeed, we note that 78% of Internet users search a product online before buying and that 82% of web searches are followed by a local store visit or a call. People's habits are changing. We now research the products we want, often looking for the best price or the best service. On the web, this information is available 24/7 and are easy to obtain.

Companies that have enabled consumers to use the web as a transactional platform saw their sales incomes increase by an average of 12.7% and 57% of companies that have created a commercial site sold abroad. Consumers are not the only winners in the equation! Of course, it is easy to go shopping in pajamas, all buddled up, without ever having to talk to someone, but on the other side of the decor, it is also easy to increase sales with a minimum of effort required! With an online sales platform, either as a whole or as a complement to a real store, you can make sales outside of your business hours, without customer support, without having to pay vendors, anywhere in the world. Receive orders without lifting a finger, other than packing...Read post
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