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A successful Facebook strategy

29/05/2013 15:10:32
Facebook is an integral part of our lives now. So it’s logical to consider increasing your online reputation through the social giant. Since Facebook is huge and we are not all experts in the field, I thought it would appropriate to give you some ideas and starting points to ensure your online success.

First, it should be noted that a company Profile won’t do you any good.. What you need is a company Page. The difference between the two is major! If you create a personal profile for your business, your fans will need to send you a friend request to connect to your account, which slows down connectivity. Also, you will have no access to your post’s statistics or to the promotional tools. In addition, to administer your company profile, you always need to log out of your personal profile and vice versa, which can become laborious. The business pages are made for professional activities. They are manageable from one or more personal accounts, have promotional tools for the page itself or specific posts, comprehensive statistics and management tools that are important to your success. If you have a profile right now, remove it immediately and start a page before going any further!

Once your page is created, you have to remember that it’s not an independent element, but part of a whole. It’s part of your online strategy and the goal is always to bring more traffic to your website, which is your very own portal, where you have full control over your content. Why should you care about the Likes of your Facebook page? Well, because it increase your online reputation, it’s part of your professional image and that it helps you reach a wider audience. If someone becomes a fan of your Facebook page, you can then reach them everyday via your posts. In addition, if a person comments or shares your posts, these actions will be available in their newsfeed and those of their friends. It's kind of like the digital word-of-mouth and that is free advertising!

As an administrator of a business page, you can touch people through your statuses, by sharing promotions, publishing photos or videos, sharing links or creating events. These elements can all be used in an online marketing strategy. A good practice is to try to post something once a day to create a habit and encourage users to come back and read your posts.

Through your statuses, you can inform your fans or engage people toward your brand or business. To engage your fans, try to invite them to act! Statutes such as " fill-in-the-blank questions work very well. Try to make a bridge between their lives and your business, brand or product. Remember that we don’t connect with customers by talking to them, but by listening. By asking questions, you make them react and start a discussion. You can also use your statuses announce new features or news related to your activity. This is a good way to keep your audience aware of the state of your business. You can also invite your followers to "like" this status if "X". Posts such as "Love this status if you are satisfied with your last online purchase" invite people to respond without asking too much effort on their part. In addition, when someone likes a status, this information is spread to their friends through Facebook’s ticker and presto! A little bit of (free) good publicity!

Facebook also provides the possibility for page managers to share offers and discounts directly via a button on the page. You will find this button in the same spot than the statuses and they allow you to share  a promotional e-shop discount code specifically for Facebook fans. This is a great way to increase your sales by offering added value!

Photos and videos often speak for themselves. If they are comical, people can share them on their wall simply because the image made them laugh. Unfortunately, it’s not given to everyone to be able produce viral or funny content! You can also opt for competitions or contests. Often, posting a picture and asking people to come up with a good caption for it offer a good response rate. You can also run contests by creating an image and placing it on your page, then encouraging your fans to share the image in their timeline. If they share it, it counts as an entry and they can win a prize of your choice. This type of contest is easy to set up since all you have to do is create an image and set some rules: the price, the terms and conditions of the contest and how or when it ends. Once the image is online, let your fans share it, and voila! Again, you increase your audience by generating a buzz to your page and your site!

Links allow you to offer added value and validate your expert opinion in relation to your customers. You can share links to articles that relate to your business, such as news or informative articles ... or share the articles of your own WebSelf blog on your Facebook page. The latter has the advantage of adding  a direct link between your website and your Facebook page on a regular basis and of course, shows your customers that you know what you’re talking about and validates your expertise.

Finally, if it fits your business, you can create events and invite your followers to connect with them. This humanize you and promotes your business. Be careful : it’s not necessarily a meet-up at the local bistro for lunch! You may very well make a VIP online event via which members participating in the event will receive a promotional code, for example. You can also organize a roundtable via Skype, or an online seminar or a chat with your followers! You’re planning a sale for Father's Day? Promote it by creating the event "Weekend-long discounts for Dad!" to remind everyone. If you can plan a  happy hour meeting to network and invite your most loyal customers in real life, great! However, in the web 2.0 era, try to think ahead and organize things online. Your impact is much larger that way and you will have more participants ... for a smaller budget!

Don’t forget Facebook ads and their incredible ability to target your ideal audience. This is an affordable and effective way to gain success online. On the other hand, if your page is not interesting, these costs are not justified. Use the tips in this article to make your page alive and grow your audience. Once you get used to publish regularly and the habit is anchored in your daily routine, if your Facebook strategy is not growing fast enough, you can think about paid advertising! Do not forget to add a Likebox (via the widget module) to your website to link your Facebook page!
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