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Are your pages optimized for success?

05/06/2014 15:31:37


The proper positioning of your site depends on several factors, but optimizing your pages is one of the most important factors. A site with many optimized pages is more likely to be deemed relevant by the search engines and thus get a better position.

We must keep in mind that on-page optimization should be made based on the content of a particular page and not on your entire website. Each page should be optimized independently using different keywords according to the topic on each page.

WebSelf offers a tool that lets you optimize your pages independently: The Search engine optimization settings.

For best results it is important to analyze the information that will be included in each field:

Here are the four elements to watch for:

  • Page title (title tag): This is a way to find additional keywords to help the SEO of your pages. The title must be different for each page (between 10 and 70 characters), it must describe clearly and concisely what the topic of your page and to contain key words or key phrases.
  • URL of page: This is the path access your web page. By default, it is based on the text of your menu. For SEO purposes, you can change it. It is preferable to use strategic keywords in the URL. To proper separate words in URLs, use the right characters. Search engines do not include underscores (_), so use dashes (-).
  • Description: The text will appear in the search engine results. The description should be short and condensed, but must be written in the form of a paragraph. It should contain between 70 and 160 characters. It is preferable to use key words or phrases. Think of this place as your add, your message must invite the visitor to click on the link to learn more.
  • Keywords: Use key words or phrases that are used directly in the content of the page. The homepage is typically the entry page of your site is the most important page for SEO. However, it is important not to include all the keywords that cover the entire content of your site.

The optimization of the other pages of your site will help your website positioning for a bigger number of keywords. This way, the other pages of your site will also act as landing pages for customers using different keywords.

People use several keywords to get results on the field of the desired activity. The more focus keywords you use, the greater the chances that you appear in the results of search engines. The page optimization is the least expensive way to get some interesting results.

A site that produces lots of optimized pages related to a particular topic is more likely to be considered relevant by the search engines and thus get a better position.

TIP: Have you heard of “Web notoriety”?

A site that publishes products and services, but also provides with advice and useful information for visitors and is relayed by other sites will have a greater value for a search engine that the one that simply displays its products or services. A site that is considered as an "authority" in a field of activity is more likely to have better visibility.
Posted by Matthieu •   Add a comment  821 Comments

It is more probable for a site to rank higher in search results if it has a large number of pages devoted to a single subject.
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چربی گیر وسیله ای است که جهت جمع آوری چربی های موجود در فاضلاب مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد و معمولا آشپزخانه ها، رستورانها و غذاخوری ها از آن استفاده می کنند. جهت توضیح بیشتر باید گفت ساختمانهایی که فاضلاب تولیدی آنها دارای حجم زیادی از روغن و چربی می باشد و تمایل دارند از شبکه فاضلاب شهری استفاده کنند لازم است پیش از تخلیه فاضلاب به شبکه از چربی گیر استفاده نمایند تا چربی موجود در فاضلاب آنها جمع آوری شده و وارد شبکه فاضلاب نشود. علتش هم این است که ورود حجم زیاد چربی به داخل شبکه باعث می شود عملیات تصفیه فاضلاب با اختلال مواجه شود و به همین جهت آشپزخانه های صنعتی باید از چربی گیر استفاده نمایند تا چربی فاضلاب آنها وارد شبکه نشود. براي كسب اطلاعات بيشتر با كارشناسان فروش شرکت پلیمر صنعت تماس بگيريد.
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هنگامی که فاضلاب از مخازن سپتیک عبور می کند ، مواد جامد سنگین تری به پایین فرو می روند و تحت هضم باکتری قرار می گیرند. این باعث کاهش مقدار جامدات و همچنین تغییر ترکیب آن به لجن می شود که در کف مخزن جمع می شود. موادی مانند روغن و روغن در مخازن به سطح شناور می شوند تا پوسته ای روی مایع ایجاد کنند. مایع باقیمانده ، پساب نامیده می شود ، از مخازن به درون مخازن زهکشی می ریزد تا در خاک اطراف خیس بخورد و در آنجا فرآیندهای تصفیه طبیعی بیشتری انجام شود. براي كسب اطلاعات بيشتر با كارشناسان فروش شرکت پلیمر صنعت تماس بگيريد.
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