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Tips to build a website

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Writing can sometimes be complicated. You must be inspired, make researches and so on. Have you thought about which media you want to write for?
A website should not be written the same way like an essay!
The web environment has some specific aspects to keep in mind while writing. The web has a lot of information and many choices are available for the internet user. It becomes really important to grab the attention of the user while simplifying his life! Here are few easy tricks for a simpler text.

Avoid babbles. A text on a website has to be efficient. Avoid suspense and go straight to the point.

Avoid really long texts. The reading on a screen is reduced by 25% compared to reading on paper. To keep your readers from staying frozen in place (we all know internet users are hyperactive… they click, click, click!) and to offer a more pleasant reading, use short paragraphs with titles. If one part of your text is less relevant to your reader's interests, no need to read everything. With a large block-like text, you could loose your visitors, who will judge your text to be too heavy and won’t read it.

Choose your right words. By using simple words, active verb tense, short sentences, it accelerates the reading. Expressions such as “within” mainly used to make a text sound better can be replaced by “in”, which is more efficient. So, a sentence such as “Within a good working environment, there should not be too much excessive noise” could become “in a good work place, you shouldn't have too much noise”. You must think of writing a web-oriented text as a conversation with a busy friend. He has no time to let you babble on and on with useless long words!

Organize your ideas. In a general way, a paragraph must be preceded by a title. Titles, in the traditional sense, are used to present the subject. On the web, it serves a...Read post
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Planning your website

10/07/2012 16:19:56
Having a website is definitely useful to market a passion, a field of activity, to advertise your club or sell products. On the other hand, making a site without a guideline and by moving in the dark can be risky. Of course, the web world is full of trial and error, but taking time to plan your site can make the difference between failure and success!

First, take the time to ponder. You wouldn’t go to sea without first learning about navigation, isn’t this true? Making a website is not so different! You must first think about your media, needs, goals and how to achieve them.

The first step is very important, it will guide you along every step towards the creation of your website. At this point, normally, you should already have chosen the topic of your site: your company, paintings, and your hairdresser, or passion for teckels ... whatever! Next, follows a very important strategic question: What needs will your website meet? Is your aim to sell, market, create a contact list, or simply to present your project? This question may seem elementary, but the framework of your site depends on the answer. If you want to sell, you must think as a salesperson when you enter your text or structure your content, etc.
On the other hand, if you want to provide information, your website will be organized in a different way! Take time to analyze the role that your site will have in your agency or business. Will you use it as a business card or to offer additional information?

Now that your needs have been defined, it’s important to check if you have direct competition in your line of business. If this is the case, take a few minutes to appraise their sites. We are not talking about plagiarism, but only about taking a look at what’s happening elsewhere. Note down everything: good and bad ideas. There are certainly things your competitors did well...Read post
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Info Images

10/07/2012 16:15:22
Your website appearence tells a lot to your visitors. In fact, the discussion of quality versus design feature is a close debate, but everyone agrees to say that is more appealing visually pleasing to the eye of the visitor and can sometimes have a direct link to your number of visits. If a website is nice and the viual is worked, the customers will stay more longer and will be interested in your texts, because they analyze first the website aspect and after his content. The editor supplied attractivly and styled templates, but you can also make your content attractive!

If you have trouble finding good quality images to use for your website, remember that you can buy photos on websites of vendors such as Fotolia. These sites offer a wide variety of pictures ready to be used and look very professional.

You can access to the website of Fotolia by clicking here

If you are an advanced user and look for the best way to put a webself template more at your image ? Have you think about using an image more than a text? In fact, nothing oblige you to use the place by default to write your title!

If you have a program for image editing (Adobe Photoshop or also free program such as The Gimp or even Paint!), you just have to create an image which content your title text with the font and the color of your choice, and so save all in PNG without background, in JPG or in GIF! Then, you just have to upload this image in the logo place to have a personalised website title! You can also create a photomontage with the program of your choice and integrate your title in t...Read post
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Info widget

10/07/2012 15:13:20
Did you know that with the widget module, you can add an incalculable numbers of interactive contents ? Video, animation, slideshow, etc...! It is an useful and simple tool to learn. You simply have to browse the web for a script to use and copy/paste it in this nodule : voila!

The widget module works as a blank card. You just have to insert an HTML or javascript code to transform it into a video module, a payment buttont, a calendar or any others types of contents managed by a simple script. However, before we discuss the possibilities offered by this module, first lets go over some ground rules:

HTML and Javascript sxripts respect the following syntax : <Open tag> Script </Close tag>. To make your script works, it is imperative that any opened tag (<>) have has its closing tag (</>), such as a well constructed sentence has a capitalised first word and a dot at the end. It is also important, if your script contains quotation mark ("), that they have both the opening and closing quotation mark. A hyperlink script, per example, will be written as follows :
<a href="link"> Text </a> .
The structure <a href="link"> Text or <a href="link > Text </a> would not work and could create conflicts in the loading process of your your WebSelf website.

The only limit to the features you can add to your WebSelf website through the script module is the limit of your imagination and your resourcefulness. Search engines can help you find script generator website for just about anything. Want to add a module with the weather on your website? Do a search and you'll see that soon, you will find a free script on the internet! Let yourself go! Use the widget or script module and boost your content!

Now, you will find ressources for some scripts online here on the...Read post
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In the spirit of guiding you in your website's creation and improvement, we want to welcome you on WebSelf's blog. We will present you some of you fellow WebSelf users' success stories and well made website, as well as tips and tricks on the editor intself and, of course, relvant subject to webmastering your own website. We hope this blog will complete your WebSelf experience to your liking and we hope the blog will be usefull and enjoyable to you.

Enjoy the read!
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