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Tips to build a website

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In this edition, we’ll take a peek at Whole Food Therapy’s website. A very well built website that catches the attention successfully with its color scheme and mouth-watering pictures which, in the food sector, is extremely important! The website is well thought out and it’s structure is very logical, which seems an easy task but is often more complicated than it seems. The webmaster used images as table for its fees and plans, which makes the design of the website more related to its topic and works perfectly. All in all, Whole Food Therapy is another of WebSelf’s customers’ success! Congrats!
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Hoist your flags!

30/07/2012 14:04:55
Hear ye, hear ye, subscribers of the Enterprise or E-shop plans! By popular demand, we wish to present you this improvment to the multilingual function : you can now display the langueges available on your site in multiple ways. You can choose to display the name of the language only, the name and a regional flag, or the flag only! You can choose the specific country for a language to! For example, the english languages lets you choose among the United States, United Kingdom, Australian flags and more! To find this options, go to Site, then Edit languages. Check the box to allowa flags and choose your display method!
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New features

19/07/2012 15:20:42
Some more features just got added to the editor! Following the rise in popularity of mobile devices and Apple products that don’t allow Flash, like the iPhone and the iPad, we adapted the photo album module to be displayed properly on those devices, You can now use this module, without any restrictions, to showcase your website on your iPad at your latest exposition or presentation!

Another feature : You can now activate the use of the alternate attribute for your images ! This attribute is there to describe your image in words. If you go in Site, then Site properies, you will find a checkbox to display the alt text fields when you upload an image. Once the box is checked, the alternate text field will be displayed. The alternative attribute, also called alt tag sometimes, is used by browsers and search engines. Browsers use it as an alternate in case the image is not correctly displayed. In that case, with the alt text, the reader still know what the image was. It is also use for browsing software for blind people, as the text is narrated to them.
As for search engines, they use the alt attribute as keywords. When Google’s crawlers scan a website, they index the words you put as the alternate ext as keywords for your website as well. Don’t try to fool Google by adding too many unrelated words though. First, Google is too smart to be duped that easily and secondly, just imagine a blind person browsing your website : you’d make life pretty hard for them.

We hope those news features will make your life even easier!
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Each medium to its own peculiarities and constraints. When you own your company, we often believe that creating one message and spreading it across all mediums in the same manner is the right answer, it saves time, right! Keeping the same message is usually a good idea, but you can’t expect to say it the same way every time. A TV ad can’t be the same as a radio ad, right? Well it is the same for your website and a flyer or poster. The site is a complete environment, while the brochure is static. Don’t think you can take the same text and copy / paste into your site!

Since a website is an interactive media, where the attention of the reader is often divided and where every word counts, you have to think your web strategy accordingly. You have to adapt your text or message for the web. Here are a few tips :
• Use short paragraphs
• Use bullet lists
• Use action verbs
• Keep sentences short and straightforward
• Avoid words that are long or too complex
• For more info, read the Write for the web article
By using these few tips, you’ll get a website with a content that straight to the point. Texts that are too long are often not read at all by the users. In fact, it’s better that you keep those for your flyers or annual reports that are for people who know your business already. Think of your website as a way to introduce yourself… It usually take 25% longer to read online than on paper!

Note that communicationg on the internet, particularly on a website or a blog, is different from communicating anywhere else, The critical point : You can react! A flyer is not interactive. The usual process of online communication is :
Write -> Broadcast -> Listen -&g...Read post
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Little tips and tricks are often enough to give your website a more profesionnal and organised look. We present you this short list of recommendations and tips that maybe you didn’t think of. Enjoy!

1- Use the slideshow module to display logos and images
You have a partner section in your website where you display many logos? You features some companies that help you in your activity… or maybe you have a testimonial or Latest uploads section. By using the slideshow module, you will be able to create 10 successive slides, where each can contain a text and/or an image and you can make then clickable to anything you want. You can also choose transition effects between the slides, like a PowerPoint document. It’s an efficient and elegant way to present a number of things ... and it saves a lot of space when compared to the space required for the other modules normally required to present many items on one page!

2- Use the favicon for branding and logo repetition
You want your potential and current customers to recognise you at a quick glance? Think repetition, repetition, repetition! The more you send people a message, the more likely they’ll remember it. We see examples of this in our everyday lives in dunways, newspeper, televesion, radio, etc. The web-friendly way of repeating? Put your message, logo or brand everywhere you can! That’s why you should use the favicon option to display that logo in the browser’s tab as well as your logo default placm...Read post
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The new way of shopping

12/07/2012 10:52:12
We're all cosumers, right? Some of us can't even get by without a little relaxing at the mall. Did you ever take the time to see things through the eyes of the seller? If your website is introducing or talking about a product, don't hesitate to appeal to your visitors' inner buyer and start your online shop!

Some people still think that online shops are not worth it. Yet, every month we see evidence that Internet users are increasingly comfortable with doing their shopping online, while being warm in the comfort of their own home (or offices!). Online shop do offer a lot of advantages : no need to get anywhere, they're open 24/7, they have a wide variety of products available, it's easy to compare items, etc. In fact, in September 2011, 24.2% of adult Quebecers spent an average of 265$ online. It represents an estimated global purchase of 350M$! [ source french ] If you don't sell your products online yet, you should join the bandwagon and put them forward with some Facebook ads or even a Google Adwords campain.

Onlines shops are now an unavoidable part of any marketing strategy to sell products or even services. There is more and more testimonies about shops that didn't think online selling was for them that finally launched and online shop and often, you hear them say they should've done it a long time ago. M Blaise Renaud, CEO or Renaud-Bray , a quebecer book seller, was...Read post
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Entrepreneur.com published an interesting article listing usefull things for a small business’ website to have. We found the list really relevant and interesting, so we’re sharing it with you! In a world where not everyone has a lot of experience being a webmaster, it’s hard not to forget key issues. Here is the list, as presented by Entrepreneur.com, adapted to our editor. My comments are in italic in the text.

1. A clear description of who you are
Someone who stumbles upon your website shouldn't have to do investigative work to figure out what, exactly, it is that you do. That means clearly stating your name and summing up your products or services right on the homepage, says John Zhuang, of Web-design and SEO-optimization firm Winning Interactive.

"Tell people this is the right website that they have been searching for," he says. "[A clear description] will attract the visitor's attention immediately within 2-3 seconds, and encourage them to stay on your website longer."

2. A simple, sensible Web address
Don't make things complicated.

"Your domain name is like your brand. It should be easy for a user to type it into a Web browser or an e-mail address," says Ron Wright, the founder of business Web design and online marketing firm Accentix.

He adds: "I always recommend the .com domain as users are conditioned to type that extension when they enter a Web address. For non-profits or organizations, I usually recommend using a .org domain for branding purposes, but also recommend having a .com version of the domain in case a user accidentally types the .com address."[…]

3. An easily-navigated site map
Clear links to the most im...Read post
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An article of the french newspaper Les Affaires emphasize how important it is for small businesses to have a web presence or storefront, since it is an increasingly big part of the customers' shopping experience and online research slowly become their first reflex when they hope to purchase something :

44% of small businesses still don't have a website, according to a study published last fall performed by the CEFRIO. While small businesses do not have the same resources that large businesses have, they no longer have the choice to adopt a web marketing strategy if they want to prosper.

"Before considering getting into social networks, make sure that your website is impeccable, advises Stephanie Kennan, President of Bang Marketing, a marketing communications agency specializing in graphic design, advertising and website design. Most people who hear about you for the first time will have the reflex to go visit your website", she says.

Also, it is important to give your website it's own identity as part of your marketing campain and use the Internet as a media to its full potential.

Too many websites looks like transcription of a flyer or a brochure and are not enjoyable to browse in, observe Mme Kennan. You only have 5 seconds to capture your reader's attention, otherwise he's gone, The best way to stay in your user's good grace is to ask them their opinion. Submit your first draft to user's reviews and testing and ask for their feedback."

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For this first issue of A glance at our customers, let's have a look at Imperial Bulldog Puppies' website. The contrast of the template chosen surely captures your attention et was chosen perfectly. The puppy picture montage ad the font choices embelish the website, while organising it and making it unique, enjoyable and well-structured. The webmaster was able to cleverly use the different fonts to break to "by default" look of a template and turning it into something more personal and customised. Furthermore, the use of the script and widget modules allowed the webmaster to encourage Social sharing and online puppy reservation! And don't forget all those adorable photo albums. Congratulations to Imperial Bulldog Puppies for a well-constructed website!
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We will index your WebSelf website when you register to one of our 3 WebSelf plans.

To make a site accessible to search engines, like Google, it must first be put through an SEO indexator. We take care of this step once you register. By referencing your site, we indicate to the different search engines that your site exists. Once registred on WebSelf, you will have a domain name of your choice (www.YourSite.com) and a referral service on the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing). After a couple of weeks, you will be able to find your site on search engines.

Search engines can take some time to index your site. This period depends in fact on the search engines themselves. It usually takes a minimum of 5 to 10 days.

When we refer your website, we add your website to a list of site to index on search engines. Imagine this list on a worldwide level : each day, hundreds of websurfers add thousands of websites in order to be referenced. So, your website has been added the list in a chronological order and to an unknown position. When your turn will come, a crawler (indoxor robot) will scan your website's content.

Success in your indexation require work, effort and patience. Here are some informations of interest that should help you in this task.

Adding keywords

When you are registred, you can help your SEO by adding keywords to your pages.
To do this, click on the page icon, located on page top of the WebSelf editor, in the silver toolbar.
Choose one page to edit. The most important page to add keywords to is always your Homepage.
A window will open
Click on the "SEO" tab
In this section, you can add a description for your page. This descr...Read post
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