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A glance at our customers : Imperial Bulldog Puppies

11/07/2012 13:40:40
For this first issue of A glance at our customers, let's have a look at Imperial Bulldog Puppies' website. The contrast of the template chosen surely captures your attention et was chosen perfectly. The puppy picture montage ad the font choices embelish the website, while organising it and making it unique, enjoyable and well-structured. The webmaster was able to cleverly use the different fonts to break to "by default" look of a template and turning it into something more personal and customised. Furthermore, the use of the script and widget modules allowed the webmaster to encourage Social sharing and online puppy reservation! And don't forget all those adorable photo albums. Congratulations to Imperial Bulldog Puppies for a well-constructed website!
Posted by Maud •   Add a comment  0 Comments

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